Name Your Star

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I really buy a star?

There's no world authority assigning the property of stars. You can instead register uniquely its name with a Register / Archive of stars, for which the operator demonstrates sufficient authority and reliability, to allow your name to last as long as possible in the time; possibly forever ..

  • Will the Archive last forever?

NameYourStar is committed to maintaining its own website online as long as existing technologies will allow. It is committed to passing on ita own archive recordings on future technologies that will be available. Finally, NameYourStar makes a daily copy (backup) of the data of the Archives on geographically dispersed devices in a safe manner.
Eternity is far away, but with some precautions it can be approached.

  • What can I do with my star?

You can display the Certificate, which certifies the unequivocal attribution of the selected star.

You can look for the star live, to the naked eye or through a suitable telescope or at an observatory, or on the online star maps at

  • I can see my star to the naked eye?

You can see stars with magnitude up to 4 with the naked eye even in the city, in the absence of clouds.

You can see stars with magnitude up to 6 with the naked eye in the countryside, always in the absence of clouds,

In perfect weather conditions (mountain top, zero pollution) you can see with the naked eye the stars up to magnitude 8.

With a semi-professional telescope (100-200 euro) you can see stars down to about magnitude 12. With more expensive equipment, or at an astronomical observatory you can see the stars with greater magnitude.

  • When will I receive my certificate

For preparation and senting times, please refer to our Terms of Sale.

If you have special needs (posticipation or urgence) please contact us right after your purchase.