Name Your Star

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Gift ideas for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Birthday


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The Constellations of the Zodiac


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Give a star


Why give a star?


Since ancient times, the stars have always followed the path of man driving it on long journeys, inspiring adventure stories and mythological legends, illuminating his nights, keeping watch on his dreams, instilling hope for a better day. The stars are an integral part of our history, of our development and our culture.

That's why give a star is a recognition of unquestionable value for a person we love or we respect; it can symbolize love, affection, friendship, devotion, respect or it may simply be a very special wish.

A star is a unique and original gift that can not fail to strike and wonder the person who will receive it.



To whom give a star?


To anyone! A star can be a symbol of love to your soul mate, it can express the indissoluble bond of affection towards a parent or a brother, it can be a wish for a happy and rewarding life for a son, a thought for dearest friends, an award for a person who gave us valuable lessons; it can be a gift to remember someone who is no longer there and it can, instead, remember to those who are close to us how great it is that thay are part of our lives.



On what occasion you can give a star?


Well, it's perfect for a birth, a birthday, baptism or communion, for a degree and for a wedding; is an amazing gift for Christmas or Valentine's Day.

But ... the reality is that there is no need for holidays or anniversaries: a star can make an ordinary day unforgettable. Any occasion can be good to give a star!



The pleasure of doing good


For every star purchased on NameYourStar, a portion will be donated to charity associations for helping autistic children to unleash their full potential within our society, and shine like stars along with everyone.