Name Your Star

Terms of sale


The aim of the website is to promote the astronomical culture and to sell gadgets relative to the astronomical culture, bound to the website

The star archive of NameYourStar contains true astronomical data, from authoritative sources.

Terms of sale

The registration of a star on the site NameYourStar, involves exclusive and perpetual assignment of this star on NameYourStar archive, available interactively on the website

The reservation of the star occurs instantaneously at the time of online payment by Credit Card, American Express, PayPal.

For packets that require the sending of printed materials, shipping is done on average within 4 working days by tracked mail.

For packages that require only the sending of electronic material, the shipment is made on average within 2 working days.

The sale of gadgets and services on the website LaTuaStella is regulated by current Italian regulations.